Memorize rationale in Uword? PAss? or Fail? HEEELP

9/7/2022 11:47:10 AM
galb318393 wrote:
ngkl468398 wrote:
galb318393 wrote:
Help me i really dont know how to study this NCLEX-RN exam and im still researching how. Yes i have UWolrd and my scores are frustrating 40-50% mostly. Anyways, i was thinking to memorize important and mostly all of it in UWORLD rationales. Will it help?? Have someone tried it and really pass? Yes, just Uworld and mark klimek is my resource. Help me on giving guidelines to study, Thank you for those who response and viewed
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I cleared my exam recently. I think you shouldn't be worrying about your percentage. However should be taking time to read the rationales of each question will help you to understand and answer higher level questions. Memorizing only help you to answer direct questions and that's all lower level questions. When it comes to answer application question we have to have some idea bout the content. I would recommend reading Sunders( That's what I did) and marking the difficult questions in Uworld and wrong ones and do it again. Sent me your email. I will sent you a cartoon explanation of each disease condition and its s/s. It will help you to understand better.

i will defenitely do that! thank you for sharing my email is [email protected]
Again, thanks alot

9/7/2022 11:50:36 AM
my email for the cartoon videos. [email protected]
Thanks, in advance.

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