UW Percentage Average

1/21/2024 8:04:16 PM
Hi everyone. I've been using UW for a while to study for the MCAT. My correct percent average has gone up from 30% to 50% in all subjects with time. I know it's better not to compare your average with the one that's given after a practice session, but I want to understand where I'm going wrong compared to others who answer the same questions. My issue is that my average has flatlined at 50% for every single one of my practice tests (regardless of the number of questions I do). I review every question by taking notes and making diagrams on my iPad. I don't know if I'm on the right track and my average will improve with time, or if there is something I'm not seeing. Any advice? Or did you experience something similar?

I've used about 22% of the Qbank so far.

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