I Passed NGN NCLEX PN- 85 Questions!

7/1/2023 9:06:20 PM
Hello, Future Nurses!
I just wanted to share my experience with studying and taking the NCLEX as it may help to relieve some anxiety you're experiencing.
After I graduated from my program on May 19th I took a week off to relax and celebrate my newest accomplishment. The following Monday when I started to study I heard from multiple people that UWORLD is what they used to study and pass the NCLEX. I purchased the 30-day Qbank and two Self-Assessments.
While waiting for my ATT, I studied 3-4 days a week and I answered around 70-85 questions each time. I always did the tests in tutor mode, read the rationales, and wrote down the rationales on incorrectly answered questions. When I received my ATT I scheduled my test for June 29th ( @3:30 because I am not a good morning tester) and used the Q Bank up until a week before my exam. The week of my exam I did the two Self-Assessments and received a high probability of passing on both. This really boosted my confidence going into the exam.
On the day of my Nclex, I did NOT do any studying! When I took my test I used the noise cancellation headphones the entire time as I am easily distracted by noise. I received a hand full of mental health, peds, and maternal newborn questions. Most of my exam was Fundamentals/Adult Health. When I answered the SATA questions (only had 7 or 8) I only clicked on the ones I was sure of and used the true/false method. When I reached the 85th question I answered it, took a deep breath, clicked next and my computer screen went black!
I was happy to be done and nervous at the same time as I knew this meant I did fairly well or really poorly. The next 48 hours were REALLY long!
The next day I did the Pearson-Vue trick and received the "good pop-up". When the 48 hours had finally passed I purchased the quick results and saw PASS! yayy!
I hope all of you who are planning to take the Nclex feel the feeling I felt when I saw those four letters. Good Luck, and I hope this helps you!

BTW: My ending performance before taking the Nclex was: 65% --> Points & 53% Used / Percentile Rank: 61st Rank (Median 51st Rank)

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