Passed NCLEX PN with 75 questions!

3/17/2023 9:47:41 AM
Hi everyone - just wanted to shed some light on my test preparation and to give a full review of what I thought about UWorld prep and how it prepared me to pass nclex pn with 75 questions!
First, whether you’re going for your RN or PN I fully believe UWorld gives you the BEST prep out there. I’ve purchased many books and reviews… and it never got me involved as much as UWorld did. I liked it because it wasn’t a whole book I had to cram. It separates each area of topic and gives you max questions on each. Most questions in a certain area were about 40. Which to me, is very doable to do. I separated each section for each week. I gave 2 weeks for topics I know is my lowest ( Pharm & Peds.) (I studied for 3 months.) GIVE YOURSELF TIME. There’s no rush for the test. Work at your own speed and take breaks. UWorld never made me feel like I was over studying or cramming. I took each quiz and marked all the ones I missed and then revised and took notes on what I was getting wrong. Do not memorize the type of questions. Look at the rationales and study from that. Rationales on here are KEY to passing. Know your nursing teaching, priorities, and medication. Remember on nclex, you only need to know what half of what everyone knows. So if you come to a question that you do not know, it’s okay. And if the test is getting harder that means you’re getting the easy questions correctly! Do not expect 75 questions. Expect the most questions and have a clear mind. I took the self assessment a week before my test date, which I scored high chance of passing. Most of my quizzes were above the minimum range. (40-60%)
Another good tip to use besides UWorld, is Mark K!! Listen to every recording. That is another major key for passing! He gives great tips on how to answer questions. Nclex is not about knowing the material, it’s about how to answer the questions. If you’ve mastered that, you will master nclex like I did.
Believe in yourself. Happy studying & good luck 😇
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