passed my NCLEX in 78 questions

1/22/2023 4:11:25 PM
Hi friends, I just passed my NCLEX in 78 questions and I wanted to encourage those out there that are about to do the same. I was here days before my test looking for advice so I thought now I could send some out. The advice I was given by every nurse I've known is to take the NCLEX as soon as possible. Which is why I scheduled for January 17th even though I was scared to death. I did 3 weeks of 100 questions daily on Uworld and would go back to incorrect answers and write down rationales. Right before the exam I had a 54% on all the questions I answered and received a borderline on my practice assessment. I was so stressed and scared I would fail my NCLEX. Uworld is a great place to practice questions so do just that! Try to not get too overwhelmed with your scores. Uworld was really nice because it gives you hard questions to practice on and also the screen looks exactly the same when you take the exam. Which is super comforting to feel like you're looking at something familiar. I also watched and studied all 12 of Mark Ks lectures. And used the 1 hour comprehensive review done by beautiful nursing on YouTube. During the test try to stay calm. It will ask you things you don't know, but just try to narrow it down to 2 answers and give it your best shot. The questions getting harder is a good sign! You've learned everything you need to pass this exam and be a great nurse. You're going to do great! If I can pass then you can too!

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