Percentiles, scoring, ranks...Help?

8/25/2022 11:29:50 AM
Hello fellow U-worlders!

I'm very technology challenged. I'm having a hard time comprehending the scoring and conversion of U world, even after viewing similar previous posts.

I'm not sure if I am viewing the correct place - I go to "Performance," then clicking "overall." I look at the bottom right scores, or
"percentile rank." Currently my "Your score" is 81st rank at 55%, and my median score is 49th rank at 45%. Is this what I should be looking at, and if so, would someone kindly explain to me like i'm 5 what this means?

I've been getting pretty down on myself because my average Uworld test scores are around 50s and 60s, with a rare 70s/80s. If you're willing to share, are your scores around the same? Or am I clueless and need to seriously get my butt in gear and get better scoring? I began breaking my tests down by chapter / subject - Doing an initial test, reviewing what I got wrong, then looking at the rationales and reviewing some related sources through Simple Nursing and Sarah with RegisterednurseRN (I know this is for PN, but I find her material helpful). Typically after reviewing these sources then retaking a Uworld test with that subject, I will score higher (60-72%).

Is anyone doing something similar? Am I on the right track? I've recently graduated, but can't talk to my classmates about this because none of them are using Uworld. I still have 3 weeks left on my account and really appreciate any input. I haven't scheduled for the NCLEX yet, but was hoping to talk to someone who is in the same position or recently took theirs to let me know if i'm way off in left field here.

Thanks so much,
A terrified graduate nurse
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10/9/2022 8:03:52 AM
I copied this from another post, because I had the same question “ Percentiles tell you how well you are doing in relation to others who are taking the same questions. For example, if you are scoring in the 75th percentile, you are scoring higher than 75% of people taking the test. It's a statistical analysis.

The median score is the middle score of everyone who has taken it.
Your score is your raw score, or percentage you got correct on that test.

For example, if your score on a test is 60%, you scored 60% correct. You got 40% incorrect. That's a raw score.

UWorld shows different scores depending on how you access it so you may not see percentile in each review/analysis.

I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have questions. ”

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