passed studying only 2-3 hrs a day

2/1/2022 12:04:25 AM
i work full time so it had been a challenge to set a study time for my nclex exam. i also am not the smartest. i studied like 30ish minutes in the morning before i go to work, 2hrs during my afternoon break, and finally 30minutes when i get home from work. just uworld. nothing else. i take down notes but nothing fancy my notes are not even organized its just a sheet of paper that i can read handy everyday if i need to. i studied for a little over a month and listened to mark klimek once a week for an hour or so while im cleaning my apartment. i watched videos of how people studied and was concerned that i am not giving enough time for studying. everyday i tried to finish 75 questions and i have few tests that only have 30% rate i was a mess. i have more 40%s than 50% above. the day before my exam i only work in the morning, i have not finished answering the qbank and not even the assessment, even though i originally planned to just relax the night before my exam i slept at 11pm and my exam the next day is 8am. yep.! that was not ideal, but my brain was pumped up. if i have to share a secret it’s that when i feel that my brain is on fire then i study, and when on days that i really feel tired even if i have not reached the target time or number, then i sleep. but the night before the exam i was cramming. took the assessment test finally and i could not believe it said i have a high chance of passing. i really just gave it up. i said i would just take the exam next time if i failed. but fast forward, i passed. Uworld was the reason i passed. my name is Hershiela Du. RN texas state. i am here to tell you. if i did it, you sure can!

12/23/2022 2:57:33 AM
I know exactly what you mean. It is very difficult to combine work and study. I recently graduated myself at, which has been a great help to me. As writing assignments required a lot of time, which I unfortunately did not have.
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12/27/2022 5:39:09 PM
Learning 2-3 hours a day is not bad enough. But I don't think that's enough to achieve the goal. I studied at home for a while and I liked it. But I couldn't develop my writing skills. So now when I'm writing my dissertation I need help with dissertation statistics because I can't do it on my own. I am very anxious to finish my dissertation in time because my career directly depends on it.

12/27/2022 6:38:33 PM
well it was enough for me to achieve my goal. i already passed.

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