SP for IM board preparation

12/22/2021 1:38:48 PM
Hi I am looking for sp to do u world and MKSAP at least 1-2 hours per day. I am in final year of residency and planning ABIM in 08/22.
Pacific time zone is preferred. IF anyone is interested please email me : [email protected]

9/25/2023 8:09:03 AM
Discuss with Colleagues: Start by talking to your colleagues or fellow residents who are also preparing for the ABIM exam. They may be interested in partnering up for study sessions.

Use Social Media: Consider joining online forums, groups, or social media platforms where medical professionals discuss exam preparation. Platforms like Reddit, Facebook, or specialized medical forums that orthokeratology treatment phoenix can be helpful for finding study partners.

Reach Out to Your Program Director: Your program director may be aware of residents who are looking for study partners or resources for exam preparation. They can help connect you with potential study partners within your program.

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