Passed step 3

5/22/2021 5:43:16 PM
I would like to thank my study partners that i found on this forum for helping me pass my step 3 exam, i was only given a limited time by my program to finish the step3 and i am very thankful i did. I scored high on my exam and I would like to thank the online Goldusmle step 3 classes and UW they were very helpful and they broke down the concepts for the 2021 step 3 exam. The goldusmle classes assisted me in finishing my 10 min CCS cases swiftly and the orders/ sequences they give you are very beneficial in finishing on time. They also go over the exam high yield content that will save you time in your preparation. I strongly recommend them and they saved me on this exam as this was my last chance to pass.

5/22/2021 5:43:35 PM
I took about 6 weeks to prepare and it definitely helped me.

5/22/2021 6:37:19 PM
congratulations on passing, it was a pleasure to help you and you helped me alot too, best wishes for you and if you want to study for board certification let me know.
thank you for your time and helping me.

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