Passed step 1 exam- tips

1/28/2021 10:37:06 AM
I would like to thank everyone on this forum for helping me through this exam,the blocks were grueling with N95 mask so i suggest you all practice with one. but I got through it and finished each block on time. It is very difficult to wear a n95 mask the whole time, I strongly recommend bringing multiple masks that are very light. the KN95 is lighter and better.
I found my study partners here, I strongly recommend using UW and not using any other Qbank.
I used UW with Goldusmle step 1 review classes online. It helped solidify all the concepts and they covered everything on the exam, it was very thorough and comprehensive. I strongly recommend it as they reinforce the material very well and integrate everything for you into an easy manner. I took the exam in February didn't pass on my own, I got very depressed and just used FA+UW. but for my second attempt I used Goldusmle review classes and I passed with high performance and Goldusmle review was very helpful for me. They cover all the systems and high yield stuff and tell you what to focus on and what is important.
I strongly recommend using Goldusmle with UW.

1/28/2021 10:39:27 AM
thank you very much for helping me, i am a single mother and you were a great study partner, congratulations and good luck with step2ck

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