Looking for Study Partner Step 2 CK

5/4/2020 10:06:22 PM
1) Test Date: July 20ish, 2020 (step 2 CK)

2) Location: Northeast region in US

3) Stage of Studying: expert - I studied for 3 month for step 2 CK from January to March. I tested 271 on NBME 6 and 265 on NBME 7 in March... was about to take CK in March except it was CANCELLED due to coronavirus crisis. I then took a break in month of April. It is early May and I would like to resume my studying with someone so I don't forget everything. Also it is incredibly boring at home because I have been off rotation for so long! Would love to talk medicine with someone.

4) Type of Study Buddy: Online on Zoom due to coronavirus.
Since I have studied for so long for step 2 CK, I will be happy to go over questions and concepts with you on Zoom.

5) Goal of Study Buddy: Motivation, Social hangout, Review content + questions (my weakest subject is obgyn)

6) Misc Info/Obligations/Other:
I would want daily Zoom meeting every day to feel motivated in May and July. ~30 minutes each day. But if you want longer, I am down also!
I am a very relaxed person and I want this experience to be low anxiety for both of us. It's very important that we can get along socially.

My upcoming schedule
May 4 to May 31 - completely free, I need to write a research paper but otherwise I am free to study full time
June 1 to June 28 - as of right now, I will have subinternship in medicine. I plan to keep reviewing medicine content on rotation, and I plan to keep in touch with you as much as possible. However this could get cancelled b/c coronavirus problem in Northeast area
June 28 to July 20ish - completely free, will use this time to study for step 2 CK to ensure I get a high score.

Please contact me by text 917-412-0858. Let's talk further on video chatting

Other information: I love video games and I have PS4, xbox, and just bought a switch for Animal Crossing. Could be a great ice breaker.

5/4/2020 10:08:31 PM
Hi this is the original poster:
It would be much faster for you to get a reply if you text me, as I am not checking this message everyday.

Looking forward to meeting you!

7/5/2022 4:37:30 PM
I am interested in a study partner do you want to join my whatsapp group?

11/17/2023 1:29:11 AM
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