Passed CS high performance in 3 components

5/1/2020 6:04:15 PM
I would like to thank all members of this forum, all my study partners I passed with high performance in all 3 components of my exam. I used the first aid book, and GoldUSMLE review cs program was very helpful and the main reason why i passed. The course instructor covered every aspect of the exam very well, covered several case scenarios and overprepared us through vigorous training 13 hours each day we were able to cover more than enough for the exam. We practiced all the physical exam criteria necessary for 2020 and Hx taking guidelines. The GoldUSMLE workshop emphasizea primarily on the ICE component and covers the CIS and SEP as well. It was the best choice i made and i would not have passed if i didnt take the class. The patients worked long hours and stayed with us all day and night and performed very well with excellent feedback. All my patient notes were also graded and sent back to me in a diligent manner. I strongly recommend the goldusmle class as they helped me immensely and help me complete my ECFMG certification.

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