SAT Math

4/12/2020 1:40:21 AM
Hi I recently just got the Uworld Question Bank and it is amazing however, I would like to supplement my learning with other resources first like: use college panda math guide and PWN the SAT math, eventually I can come back to Uworld to test my self on individual subjects that I got wrong. is this a good idea or no? because I want to score well on this section and use my subscription to maximum

7/23/2020 9:58:11 PM
Sure it is! Just remember that UWorld has a lot of questions, so be sure to pace yourself to finish all a bit before your test so that you can have time to retake the ones you got wrong.
If you can do more problems from the book and fewer from UWorld now, and then make it up by doing more UWorld later, then go for it.

You might also want to try flipping that strategy on its head: do UWorld, see which sections you have trouble with (assuming you don't have trouble with most others), then go to your books and focus on those. See which works for you.
edited by cqij676268 on 7/23/2020

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