3/14/2020 12:08:45 PM
Out of nowhere, UWorld is no longer working-- I log in, all seems okay, but then when a test ends, nothing happens. Whether I click"suspend', "end" or the time runs out, nothing happens.

In other words, I can NO LONGER view any scored question sets because they refuse to score when they are completed.

PLEASE Help! Have tried uninstalling Java, Uworld, reinstalling, restarting. And have even tried a different computer. Same problem EVERY TIME.

3/14/2020 12:16:04 PM
this happened to me too! No help in the "help" q/a on the website...
And their office isn't open today.. am I not going to be able to do anything until Monday?

3/14/2020 12:37:29 PM
looks like no. BUT... I just realized you can still do questions in "TUTOR" mode, thankfully.

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