Similarities/Differences U-World vs real exam??

2/3/2020 9:41:08 PM

I have my Step 1 coming up in 1 week and Step 2 CK the week after. I have been studying pretty much exclusively using U-World. It may be a bit late now, but I wonder how similar / different the U-World questions are compared to the real thing, both in terms of format and difficulties?

1. In U-World the normal reference ranges are provided. Are they also provided in the real exam?
2. In U-World there are provisions for a calculator and also ways to cross off unlikely choices. Are there similar facilities in the real exam?
3. What are the differences in the user interface between U-World and the real thing?
4. Is there any correlation between the U-World scores and the real scores? If so, what kind of score do one have to get in U-World to score a pass in the real exam?

As a background, I am a practising specialist for some time now and I have been out of medical school for almost 20 years. I have been accepted into a sub-specialist fellowship for the duration of one year and I need to get a limited license which requires me passing the Step 1 and Step 2. As I only need to pass to get the certification, my bar is probably set a lot lower than many of you.

Any tips and advices are appreciated!

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