Passed in 75. HURST , UWORLD, or NCLEX RN Mastery

6/20/2019 8:40:44 PM
I wanted to create this post just to give an idea of what each of these programs offers and what I thought worked best for me.

I'll start off by saying I thought UWORLD was the best with NCLEX RN Mastery a close second.

My ADN program made us do the HURST review but I really don't think it helped to prepare me as well as the other two options. I did purchase Elevate which was a waste of money. It just reviews all of the content from HURST and you go at your own pace. I thought it was going to structure the material in a nice and neat way and set a goal of what I should study within the amount of time I had but it didn't. Each chapter had a 20-30 minute video to go over the content but I really could've just done that on my own. The questions that HURST provides are more complex than what you will see on the NCLEX which I think is a negative. I think HURST/Elevate breaks down all of the information very well but that's about it.

NCLEX RN mastery is very similar to UWORLD because of the style of questions and the rationales it gives you for the answers are excellent. The questions are closer to what you would see on the NCLEX than the questions from HURST.

The questions and the NCLEX simulation tests provided by UWORLD are amazing. The simulation test breaks down your weak and strong areas which can help you decide what you want to focus on.
A week before my NCELX I purchased UWORLD and did one practice test on Sunday with a "high" chance of passing and then did 75 questions a day and then took the second practice test with a "very high" chance of passing result.

I know each nursing program is different and mine was not very ATI focused. At the end of the last semester, I took the ATI placement test and received a result of a 75% chance of passing the NCLEX. Others in my class received way higher percentages than me so I thought I was done.

To give you a time frame of how I studied: Hurst was done the week of graduation (May 19). I started NCLEX RN Mastery 2 weeks before the NCLEX and then did UWORLD a week before. My exam was on June 10th. I really believe you could do either NCLEX RN Mastery or UWORLD and be fine.

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