CCS Software Glitch

5/20/2019 7:59:10 PM
Is anyone experiencing glitches with the CCS software? I am selecting a test but the CCS software is showing the request for an entirely different test and when I select multiple tests, it accepts one and closes and when I go to reorder the tests, it again shows me wrong test, not the one I selected. Can anyone help with this? Thank you!

4/16/2023 4:54:12 PM
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6/8/2023 4:54:03 AM
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6/8/2023 5:43:56 AM
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8/24/2023 3:39:04 PM
I would love to help for free I've passed my step3

9/28/2023 6:32:07 PM
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2/27/2024 2:05:48 PM
yes Ive noticed the glitch too

3/3/2024 10:22:10 PM
yes I have noticed the glitch too

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