1/18/2019 1:21:43 AM
hello everyone. i would like to let you all know that i passed the nclex on the very first try. i would 100% recommend Uworld as a prime study resource when reviewing. This resource is almost identical to the nclex which helps if you are someone that deals with test anxiety. the layout is very similar but i wouldn’t say the questions are similar. I encourage everyone to read the rationales thouroughly and take notes. Always go with your first answer and read each question carefully. the nclex is much easier than Uworld in my opinion although it’s slightly more confusing and a lot more select all that apply. don’t let that scare you tho. i scored mostly 60s on my tests and i got a 70 on my final assessment. i hope this helps you all. and good luck to everyone preparing for this exam.

9/17/2021 11:18:17 PM
thank u

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