Passed Nclex PN November 2018

11/28/2018 5:19:25 AM
I took nclex right after I graduated mid August of 2018. Failed my first attempt did all 205 questions. A friend recommended me uworld I purchased the $100 one without the assessment. Did all the questions within the month time frame uworld gave me. Second attempt I registered October and took test November 15 2018 . Proud to say my exam cut off at the minimum amount of questions 85 and left the test center with a smile knowing I passed. November 17 2018 bought quick results and the unofficial results said pass best feeling ever. Do I recommend as a recent test taker yes I highly do. Some people asking if uworld is harder than nclex the answer is yes. Do all the questions read rationals understand the question and rationals. I was scoring in the beginning 40% - 50% sometimes lower but as u keep doing questions each day ur score will improve later on I was scoring in 60%-70%. The other good thing about uworld itself it’s the same format as nclex bascily the screen you see on uworld is the same as nclex same next button same time on corner and number of questions you are on. The point of that is to make you feel comfortable when you actually take the nclex and to be honest it did make me feel more comfortable and confident of what I was doing as to choosing my answers it felt as if I knew everything. Hope this helps in answering some questions you might have about uworld. Best of luck to everyone
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11/30/2018 3:04:54 AM
Congratulations. Thanks for sharing.

12/22/2018 9:18:43 PM
Great post, Thank you for the insight

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