Passed my nclex on the 5th try with Jesus Christ

11/5/2018 2:21:08 PM
I passed the NCLEX!!! I took the nclex 5 times and every time it was something going on in my family. It was either a death or something else that was a distraction. I also had a different perception of the nclex I thought you had to rush because it was timed. So this time I research how the nclex worked, I took my time and didn't pay attention to the time. I asked Jesus to lead me on what to study and I used NCSBN first, it was kinda of easy, then I brought UWorld with 1 assessment and it was more challenging. I read every rational and wrote down it even if I got it right or wrong. When I took the assessment I got a high chance of passing. So before and on nclex day I prayed alot and I studied for 2 months. I only let the people in my household know that I was studying and I didn't tell anyone else. When I set my test date I didn't let no one know when it was. That way no one would be asking me any questions. On the day of the test I looked over lab values in my car while I was praising the LORD. My test stop at 100 and something questions and I ran out of time. I got alot sata, 6 math questions, alot drag n drop, no ekgs and alot of priority. I had passing questions but I still wasn't sure if I passed. Also, I was nervous because I ran out of time. I went outside and tried the pearsonvue trick and I got the good pop up but it might have been too soon. Then when I got home I tried it again and I still got the good pop up. I still wasn't for sure because alot people says it doesn't work. All the other times I didn't try the pearsonvue trick. The next morning I looked on the Board of Nursing and it still said pending. Then I checked my email, it was an nclex email and before I opened it I saw congratulations and I was in shock. Then the day after my license number was on the board of nursing. I finally passed and I couldn't have done it without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ leading me to do Uworld.
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