Passed the NCLEX-PN on 90 questions

10/6/2018 10:34:21 PM
i took my nclex-pn last thursday (Oct 4). On my 90 questions i was asked by the computer if i want a break since i already consumed the 2 hours. i took the break to used the restrooms. while on my way to the bathroom i was smiling and very confident. because the 89 questions that I answered so far, i was able to study that content in uworld, la charity and rachell allen. when i came back to the computer to answer the 90 question. i remember the question, which of the following patients will you see first and administer the medication. my choices are patient with hyperkalimia or with DM of 220. i choose the one with patient with hyperkalimia because the patient is risk for cardiac dysrhythmia. after i answered it the computer shut down. i and said that's all. i went out of the testing center with confidence and happy because i know i passed the nclex-pn. I went to the church after that to praised and thanks the Lord Jesus Christ. the following day after 24 hours, i try the pearson vue trick. i got the good pop up. by the way i counted my SATA, it was 18. I remember I had a 5 questions of SATA from questions number 50 to 55. everytime i had a SATA i always smile and happy and telling my self, i love sata and i want more sata. i had 4 calculations, 2 hot spot, 2 ordering the nursing procedure. my next exam now is nclex-rn. and i know i will make it and i will be RN soon in Jesus name. Amen.

Just to share to you my study habits. I attended the 10 days of live lecture and review in Rachell Allen first. After that I did the uworld and la charity for 5 months since i have a full time job. i graduated my BSN in 2009 in the philippines with no working experience in the hospital or clinical setting in the philippines.

and by the way my scores in uworld qbank are vey low. my 1st self assessment is 40% and my second self assessment is 44%. both are very low. but i don't mind the scores. i just ignored them. the important is i learned and read my mistakes.

just be confident, study hard and read and read and read.. And last pray to GOD and trust him.

Good luck to all of us. Let's claim our license and our American Dream.
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10/19/2018 4:25:49 PM
Congratulation. Galing. Well wish you luck in your future RN. I will be taking mines in December for PN. I will do the same. I was smiling on the last one when I failed, but it's all learning, Hopefully 3rd time the charm. Good luck to us all.

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