10/5/2018 4:57:31 PM
BUY UWORLD! I have been out of school for at least 3 years, life happened and I found a different job and put the NCLEX on the back burner, big mistake, but hey, everyone has their own journey and this was mine. I completely forgot anything basic and always doubted my thinking and i built up this anxiety towards the NCLEX. Long story short, I started using UWORLD since I saw my sister and cousin use it for the NCLEX RN. I did 50-75 questions for 2 months. I read the rationales, I wrote down small notes but nothing major and just kept running through questions every day to the point where if I didn't do questions I felt incomplete. I took the 2 assessments, one at 3 weeks out before the big day, and the 2nd one 2 weeks out before the big day, both with results as Very High. My scores on the daily questions were 40-50%, I never hit the average percentile, and yet I still passed. I don't believe in the average percentile, I know some people get worked up on it, but DON'T. It doesn't mean anything. My NCLEX shut off at 86 and I felt good after. UWORLD seemed harder than NCLEX to me. Know your lab values, ABC's, and you will be golden! I did the PVT trick 2 hours after my test and got the good pop up. I got my license a week and a half later. You guys can do this! The finish line is right there! Good luck!

10/6/2018 1:12:20 AM
Omg, thank you so much for posting this! My story is so similar to yours. Been out of school for several years & have been so scared to even take NCLEX! This gives me so much hope! Taking NCLEX in a few weeks. CONGRATS NURSE!

10/19/2018 4:26:39 PM
Congrats, definitely going to give this a try. 3rd time the charm. Lets do this.

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