Passed NCLEX

1/5/2019 7:03:38 PM
Just thought I'd share! I graduated in October, attended many NCLEX bootcamps my school offered using HESI. I felt like I wasn't making great progress doing 200-300 questions a day scoring between 60 -75 so I bought UWorld 3 weeks ago. I loved the rationales and mostly everything just stuck with me. I felt so much more prepared after only 2 weeks. I'd score between 50 and 75%. Took the 1 assessment predator test and saw I have 81% chance of passing. Took my test this morning and passed at 85 questions. I personally didn't feel that It was SOOO hard and SOOO tricky. I felt prepared and didn't second guess myself. I studied u World doing 200 - 400 questions a day and writing, reading over again and again all the rationales, right or wrong. Hope this help, Good Luck

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