Passed in 85 questions!!-First time NCLEX taker

10/19/2023 2:16:00 PM
So I just wanted to write a little post on my experience preparing and writing the NCLEX.

I mainly used two resources for my studying which were UWorld and the Saunders NCLEX comprehensive review guide. I gave myself about 30 days of dedicated studying before I took the exam.

I would spend a few days reviewing each system (CNS, RESP, GI) with Saunders and following up with UWorld questions. The only exception was for Mental health which took a week to review.

I used the Beta study plan and made it through the fundamentals questions quickly and then changed to just generating tests based on the system I was studying. As I got further into my studying I would incorporate questions from systems I already studied to keep that information fresh.

Overall I used 64% of the questionbank and I had a questionbank average of 77% (87th percentile). I also took two self-assessments, the first one I took before any studying I got a borderline which showed the areas I needed to study more. I took my second self-assessment about a week before my exam and got a very high result of passing.

UWorld does prepare you well, and the questions are a great way to practice and test what you know. I like that you can filter the questions you got wrong for review and the rationales are very well written and easy to understand.

The video lectures cover the basics of each concept, however, it is in the Beta right now and certain topics are missing which is why I supplemented with Saunders. I found that I needed to specifically study L&D more because the videos were very basic.

One thing, despite my average in the question bank you never feel prepared. After I finished my exam I was already looking at options to retake the exam, received my results in 24hrs and I had passed. You don't know how prepared you are until you've taken the exam. Good luck future nurses!

11/27/2023 12:02:54 AM
Congratulations and thanks for the information

2/11/2024 8:37:54 AM

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