Are these statistics passing the NCLEX????

1/7/2023 6:48:58 PM
Hey guys! I just took a practice 100-question NCLEX Uworld assessment and got a 57% in the 37th percentile which means it is borderline passing. I am confused about this data. I read a Uworld article stating a 56% average on the quiz bank means a 92% probability of passing the NCLEX. Another Uworld article said 90% of people say Urowld is harder than the NCLEX. Could anyone provide clarification? My assessment results make it sounds like I would fail the NCLEX but the other statistics make it sound like I have a good chance of passing???

1/10/2023 3:55:29 PM
hi! so the UWorld assessment is just an assessment to guess how well you will do. It should help guide what you know versus what you don't. If this is your first assessment before you start studying I would say you're in an okay place. UWorld is great because they have rationale to help you learn the information. I would always just shoot for over a 65% on the assessments because that puts you in the pass/very likely on the assessment. I just took my first assessment and I got an 81%, and a very high chance of passing, but Im still going to study my butt off because you never know whats gonna be on the NCLEX. I would just focus on learning the information and answering the questions to improve test taking skills! UWorld doesn't guarantee a pass, and I haven't personally taken the NCLEX, but it your scoring in the high 60% in the QBANK you probably know your stuff!

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