PASSED NCLEX 1st Time March 2022

3/7/2022 4:12:11 PM
I read endless amounts of forum posts of people on here prior to writing my exam to see how UWorld prepared them for the exam, as well as any other study guides to help people pass. I passed on my first attempt in 75 questions. You are allotted 5 hours to write it and it took me 45 minutes total. I study during Uworld questions, Saunders textbook, and Mark Klimek videos/notes as a final guide for some topics I needed review on. Each exam is different for each person, but I personally had 27 select all that apply and the rest multiple choice. I had zero calculation questions and no order type or click or listen type of alternate questions.

I personally studied saunders textbook first using those questions and rationale to guide my initial study days, then I proceeded to use Uworld. I did all but 100 of the questions on Uworld in my final cramming days, I reviewed questions I got wrong on Uworld and studied delegation and prioritization the most. I would say those 2 topics were what encompassed the exam the most. In between my studying I would use mark climes Youtube videos as a supplemental way of learning they were OKAY and helped me with a few things on the exam. UWorld is exactly what the exam looks like in real life and really calmed me down in the moment. The exam is way more nerve-racking than it needs to be. if you are a nervous wreck like me, then I am telling you to take a deep breath and release as YOU WILL BE FINE. Take your time studying. I probably HARD CORE studied 12 hours a day for 1.5 weeks. Prior to that I would studied periodically on days off for a few hours away for about a month. If you take time to really read the rationale for each question you get right or wrong on Uworld, you will be able to apply them to the NCLEX.
Goodluck to you all!!

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