PASSED Nclex in 96 Questions 59% overall!

2/12/2020 11:40:58 AM
I had to come back and post because I am a long time lurker lol I found lots of comfort but even more anxiety sometimes reading thread after thread of people passing or failing. Here is my story it is long!

Fast forward to graduation and NCLEX studying. I graduated Dec 10 and started studying Dec 30. I needed a break so took some time to clear my mind and I knew I wasn't going to be able to test until Feb since the ATT was going to take forever because of the holidays. I bought Uworld and started doing about 30 questions a day and attempting to read in the Saunders book and take notes. I wasnt taking it to seriously because I knew I didnt have a date. Then on Jan 20 I got my ATT and set my date for Feb 10. So for the next 3 weeks I started hitting the studying hard. I was doing 80-160 questions on Uworld a day. I was writing down almost every rationale right or wrong in a notebook and referencing Saunders when I wanted more info. My Q bank was always between 59% and 60%. During the 3 weeks I also listened to the NCLEX god himself Mr. Mark Klimek. He is the real deal guys! This man will help you remember things you never thought you could remember!

A week before my test I was ready I ended up getting a trial to and took thier SIMCLEX. Its supposedly set up with the same algorithm as NCLEX and you can get anywhere between 75 and 265. It is adaptive just like NCLEX I took 2 of them they have 3 versions available and mine shut off at 75 both times. I still didnt feel confident because my uworld score was a 59% (on the qbank with 1900 questions and had read on this forum of people who were way above that and still failed so I started to doubt myself. I decided to save the uworld assessment for the day before my test.

I took the Uworld assessment Feb 9 and got a "High chance of passing" I still wasnt convinced because of everything I'd read lol So I continued to study and studied all morning before my test. I didnt take the test until 1 and felt really nervous studying that morning. I went into the room where people were already testing and had to do a few practice questions as an intro before I started which count on time btw so be aware. The first real question I had was fairly easy and out of the first 30 I kept getting SATA like every 3 or 4 questions I was really confident with my answers I was like I got this! Then around the 30 mark I just stopped getting SATA every 3 or 5 and I had gotten to 50 at this point with 1 SATA so I was like dang am I doing okay lol But I kept going and got to 75 and I was like alright when I hit enter its going to shut off...Screen goes dark for like a sec so I'm like Yes! its over...Then the pop asking if I wanted a break came up I was a little heart broken lol But I was like No break I'm just going to keep going get to 95 thinking it'll shut off and it gives me a 96th question lol I sat back and was like alright this is it you're here for the long haul you are getting all 265 brace yourself. I hit enter on 96 and boom the end screen comes up. I just knew I failed. I was like who tf gets 96 questions! Thats so random! I couldn't even do the questions at the end because I was so disappointed. I did the PVT trick and got the good pop up!

My final scores were: U world Q bank: 2,489 questions done(Including repeat of wrong questions) 1484 59.4% CORRECT, 1005 40.2% INCORRECT. Overall: 59% 72nd rank. U world Assessment: 65% percent correct 35% incorrect 57th percentile "High chance of passing". SIMCLEX: Took 2 versions both shut off at 75

So I said all that to say don't compare yourself to anyone else! Don't stress over your Uworld scores! Just do the questions read the rationales and study the way you studied for nursing school. if you made it through nursing school you can make it through the NCLEX! Good luck to everyone!
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1/23/2023 2:53:54 PM
I am a recent nursing graduate and I just recently passed my Nclex. I passed with a score of 59%. My score was higher than most of the other students who were taking the exam. If you are interested in taking the exam, visit the link below to see how you can get started on your journey towards becoming a nurse.There were many people who told me that it is impossible but I proved them wrong. I was very much worried because of my poor study habits and weak knowledge of the course content. But after taking a few courses, I found out the best way to study and made sure that I did not miss any single detail while studying for the exam. I also recommend to read article that is about technology research paper topics to assist you in you in finding your research topic.

1/25/2023 11:35:46 AM
Congratulations I passed Nclex RNI only used UWORLD and I passed Nclex RN with 94 questions

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