I passed NCLEX 75 questions. You can do it too

1/28/2020 2:19:35 PM
First of all, Uworld is amazing. Thanks to your product, I could pass.

I don't know how I only got 75 questions. It was amazing. I took my NCLEX 1/24/20.
I thought NCLEX questions were not as terrible as I thought or my friends told me because of Uworld.
I felt I was prepared before I was taking NCLEX. Of course, no one is 100% confident before taking the test but I was not freaked out or in a panic attack before taking the test because I knew Uworld prepared me so much.

My practice assessment score was not really good in the beginning. I get 40s-50s.
I finished all my test bank and my overall was 53%
I even made "borderline" on my first assessment. I made 54%. I ran out of time so I could not complete my assessment.
It gives you 2 hours for 100 questions. I am a slow reader and English is my second language.
I felt I was doomed and I was panicking.

So I changed my study strategies. I studied hardcore for 2 weeks. I studied 7-10 hours every day.
I started writing rationales in my note. I stopped typing or copied or pasted. I did not write all rationales, but I wrote with my own words to understand better and easier. I practiced questions by sections. My weakness were OB, Pedi, and Pharm, so I focused on those areas a lot.

I studied like I am learning new materials again, not like reviewing materials that I have learned from Nursing school.
I realized that there are many info that I have never heard, or I have never learned from nursing school.
So I wrote them all down in my note. I did 50-75 questions every day and it really took me all day long just for writing rationales in my notes and understand rationales from the questions.

After I was focused on learning about rationals than thinking about whether I am getting right or wrong,
I realized I understand questions better and get more correct answers.
But I also tried to finish as many questions as possible. So I would recommend to get Uworld early and do 10 questions for each day when you relax or just get exposed to the questions. I normally did 10 questions on my bed before I go to sleep.
So I could finish all 2000+ questions 1 week before NCLEX day.

Once I finished all my quiz banks, I went over all my notes, and then I took my 2nd assessment.
It was 1 week before my NCLEX day.
I made 66% which was 72 percentile - HIGHLY PASSING.
It was a HUGE relief !!
But I did not stop studying. I continued. I went back to my weakness section again based on my 2nd assessment, and
I created a few quizzes for my incorrect one as well. I get 60s- 70s percent by the time.

I stopped doing Uworld a day before NCELX, and I went over all my notes again.
I felt I was prepared. I thought maybe I can do it.

It was weird that NCELX was easier than I thought. Questions were not TERRIBLY hard for me.
I got 10-15 SATA questions which made me nervous because I thought I was only getting easy questions since
I get more multiple questions. But I tried not to think too much. I just clicked the answer with my first gut and tried to focus what I know.I tried to control myself not to overthink. My questions 75 questions and stopped.

My heart started pounding after I finished NCELX because I was getting worried I might get all easy questions.
It was the longest 48 hours in my life, but I passed. I was surprised, but deep in my mind, I knew I passed.
Because Uworld prepared me so much.

I highly recommend this product to all my friends. Uworld is the best, y'all!
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1/30/2020 8:40:40 AM
i also just wrote the nclex for the first time and passed in 75 questions!! (about 30 SATA questions, 3 exhibits (pictures), 1 ordering options, 0 math questions
i studied for a total of of 3 weeks for about 2 hours a day doing only about 25 questions a day. i made notes as i went along but only for topics that i was really unfamiliar with and knew i needed to study more!!

for the first two weeks of studying, i was scoring 40s-50s on tests with 20-30 questions and was in the 19th percentile with an average in the high forties. i took assessment 1 about 1.5 weeks from my nclex date and got 51% (average was 56) with a LOW PROBABILITY of passing!!! after this i started watching youtube videos for nclex tips and started doing about 50 questions a day and really STUDYING THE RATIONALES!!!

i always did the practice tests with all of the subjects and systems only because i didnt think i had enough time to go through each one individually. i would say the best studying for me was through doing the practice questions and understanding EVERY rationale for what made certain options RIGHT and WRONG. for me, making notes on everything would have not been the best use of my time, but taking the time to make notes and review specific topics/drugs/values i knew i was weak in allowed me to better understand it and have something quick to refer to if i forgot it.

i started scoring mid 50s - high 60's on the tests with a few 70s!!! i took the second assessment test 2 days before my nclex date and got 58% (average was 55) with a high probability of passing!!

my final percentage on the practice quizzes was a 54 (same as the average) before writing the nclex with still having 1500 unused questions.

its true that the nclex is NOT about knowing everything and having everything memorized!! get familiar answering the priority questions and try to rationalize with yourself WHY the answer you are picking should be right (ex. what is keeping the patient the SAFEST!!)

1/30/2020 9:30:59 AM
Good job !!!! I am so proud of both of us :p
Yess, our hard work definitely paid off!!
Uworld was very very helpful

1/6/2023 4:02:24 AM
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