Low scores and passed at 76! You got this

9/28/2018 1:52:24 PM
I would just like to share my experience here so I can give hope to people thinking they r doing bad

I used had about 700 questions left. On my 75 questions quizzes my adverage was 40-60. ( I only got 60 once) my first assessment I got a high chance of passing I think 45t percentile. My second assessment I got borderline at 21 percentile

I was soo discouraged. But I had my exam soon and felt like I know what I knew and I couldn’t retain anymore. Took my exam, took my time, 2 hrs and 10 min for 76 questions. Got the good pop up right after (like when I got back to my car, and also 24 hrs later) I took my exam 9/26 and on 9/28 literally midnight I checked and my name was there with my license!!!!!!

Honestly u world prepared me because I feel like it was much harder than the nclexrn. Took the RN test btw. I did read EVERY rationale on all my test on uworld and made sure to understand why each answer was right or wrong. Even on the ones I got right. I feel like that really helped. Also I feel like the nclex Rn is was basically a safety test in that of its all pretty basic the tricky part to this test is the wording of the questions and the answers. You might be looking at key words that related to the topic but something in the wording of that answer makes it wrong. Read carefully!!!!!! You got this!!!! This was my second time taking it btw. The first time I partied to much a went in there blank with no review (my fault, but thought I just graduated I should know this stuff!) second time did u world for 3 weeks. 75–150 questions a day (sets of 75). Last week I did sets of 20 questions. The day before I did half of all my incorrect questions.

9/28/2018 3:14:00 PM
thank you so much for sharing your experience.
My test will be in 3 weeks and my scores are in the 40's-50's and its frustrating. Your experience gave me hope

8/11/2023 10:45:38 AM
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9/2/2023 9:45:28 AM
Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share my nclex experience, maybe it will be helpful for some, or provide a little hope to others. Either way let me start by saying, I am 5 years removed from graduating nursing school way back in 2018. I took the nclex years ago, failed and then just got caught up with life situations, at some points not even sure if I wanted to pursue nursing. However I decided to give it another chance and hope for the best. I studied for this exam for just under a month. I didn’t want to give myself too much time because I knew I would get bored of studying and wouldn’t stay on top of it like I should, not to mention the 3 month uworld subscription is certainly not free.
I listened to the Klimek lectures, two times each, once to listen and a second time to take my own notes, which served as a review tool the last few days leading to my exam.
I did a minimum of 75-125 questions a day. To be honest I didn’t review the rationales like I should have, which eventually led to me having way too many answered questions to review a thousand plus rationales, nobody had time for that. I tried to focus on the drugs and maternity questions that came up most often (those were my weakest areas).
I was scoring usually between the high 60s and mid 70s through the qbank blocks, usually doing blocks of 25 questions at a time. I scored a 72, 73, 68, and 88 on the assessment exams. To be fair the 88 was mainly because there were alot of repeat questions. However those scores indicated high chance of passing, the 68 said borderline. I took the last one two days before the actual test.
The day of the test I walked to my exam to clear my head, meditate for a few mins and breathe before walking in. The test, first question was great, I said heyyy this is gonna go well, then the next several questions looked like hieroglyphics. Anxiety was at 110%, I felt like even the things I should know easily, I was messing up too. I got to the 60th question and realized it had only been 45 mins. I took a 30 minute break, came back answered a few more, took a scheduled break, answered a few more, took another 30 minute break and came back and buckled down.
I was just praying it wouldn’t shut off at 75, I wasn’t feeling good about my chances.
All in all with the breaks and everything I finished at 122 questions in just under 3 hours. I left unable to think clearly.
Towards the end the exam was piling on the case study questions, and SATA questions. For the SATA questions I started making it a point to not select any answers I was not absolutely sure about, I think the way the exam is scored now, it’s more detrimental to pick a wrong answer than not picking a right answer(in other words, just leaving it blank).
So 122 questions done, I wandered the streets aimlessly for several hours resisting the urge to see if scores were posted. I knew they wouldn’t be, but I still checked no less than 462837 times over the course of 2 days. I took my exam on Wednesday morning, by Thursday afternoon I said F this and looked up how to go about using the pvt method, not to be confused with the pyt. I got what they call the ‘good popup.’ Gave me a small sense of relief, Friday morning by 932 am the scores were posted. To make a long winded story even longer I PASSED.
So if you get nothing else from this, remember i haven’t been in school in 5 years, I hadn’t looked at nursing material in a hood 2-3 years at all. Granted I have worked in a hospital for the last several years, but the hospital and the book are two separate entities. I studied just about a month, I passed. So listen, when I tell you, if I can do that, it’s possible for anyone. Good luck to those scheduled to take it, congratulations to those who passed, and a special gummy to those who didn’t pass…breathe regroup an do it again, it’s going to be aright. Thank y’all for coming to my TED talk, it’s been a privilege.

2/11/2024 8:38:20 AM

2/11/2024 8:39:12 AM

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