Question: Thrush vs. Leukoplakia

3/26/2016 3:59:02 PM
Hey all.
I just had a question regarding a healthy 2 week old female, growing appropriately, good urination/bowel movements. This patient had white plaques on buccal mucosa that DID NOT scrape off with tongue depressor. Question was what was the next step. Answer was topical Nystatin, and explanation went on to say that the diagnosis was Oral Candidiasis, and that the treatment was Nystatin. It mentioned in a few different places that Thrush did not scrape off with tongue depressor. I am almost positive that oral candidiasis DOES scrape off, and Leukoplakia DOES NOT. Thus, this patient should actually have Leukoplakia, not thrush, and treatment plan would be different. If somebody can clear this up for me, I would appreciate it.

Stephen Tetrault, DO
[email protected]

4/10/2016 3:34:52 PM
I just did that question and was taken aback by it as well. I think its a question that should be reported for review.

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