Passed Step 3 exam experience

6/15/2022 1:03:28 PM
I am very happy that I got my passing results for USMLE STEP 3 earlier this month and I scored in the higher performance with 238. I am very happy about the score and had a hard time finding enough time to prepare being single mom with 2 children.
I would like to thank my study partners on this forum, UW questions and the Goldusmle review program for their great help. The daily review sessions brought everything together for me. I Took step3 in May 2022. Studied for 4 weeks about 5 hours per night after work by doing goldusmle review lectures and uworld questions timed. I went through one section at a time and made a flashcard for every UW question and Gold slide. I did these flashcards over and over again when I had down time at work. I got through about 90% of the UW qbank (skipped ethics, biostats, and psych) and averaged 80%. I started the uworld cases about 1 week before test day and that was more than enough time to get through the interactive cases and quickly skim the practice cases. Day 1 of the exam was a shock. I felt like I studied for a completely different exam. Lot of biostats, A chunk of wtf step 1 type questions per block, but nothing I would stress about studying for. The drug ads were very straight forward and I really thank the instructor at goldusmle for helping me with the drug ads.
Day 2 (taken 3 days after day 1, which I would recommend) felt much better, which tends to be the case for others. A lot of questions were straight from my flashcards from goldusmle and UW. It was still hard, but nowhere near the level of day 1. This day felt like nbme 5 in terms of MCQ questions. The cases were straightforward on my exam. I think goldusmle review prepares you well if you follow their breakdown of when to order things. Most of my cases ended early. The ones I messed up on, I used the full time and was able to redeem myself by making the patient better. Don’t know if I just got lucky with the selection of cases, but I’ll take it. I decided to take the exam and scored a 238. All I was hoping for was a pass so I was very happy. All I needed was goldusmle slide cards+ uworld and repetition with flash cards from goldusmle lecture classes helped retain the info. Only used the UW and goldusmle cases for CCS and felt confident with the exam software also used FRED software. Hope this helped someone out there. This exam is very evil with step1 questions snuck in and I was definitely very nervous checking my score. Trust in the curve I guess. Good luck to everyone and best wishes to all.

6/15/2022 1:03:51 PM
Be productive in the time that you have and make the most of it, good luck to everyone.

6/15/2022 1:05:13 PM
Congratulations on passing, you helped me alot too, and say hi to your kids for me, congratulations you deserved to pass

6/15/2022 1:46:46 PM
congratulations on passing, you are now done with USMLE!! thank you for being my study partner and i appreciate your time.

7/7/2022 12:17:46 PM

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