PASSED STEP 3 my advice

8/3/2020 5:45:30 AM
GOT MY PASSING SCORE FOR STEP 3 NOW I AM DONE WITH USMLE thank god. Juggling this exam with residency schedules isn't easy but I pulled it off. Took naps after coming home then power studied 7 hours. each day with GoldUSMLE step 3 online interactive prep is very helpful.

Finally this long sequence of exams are over. I scored 240.
I can now focus on applying and hoping to match.
Step 3 felt like a nightmare as I heard it does not matter how good you are at step 2ck you may still fail.
CCS saved me, did decently well on day 1 too.
Thanks for all those who take time to post on this valuable forum ...There's lot of stuff on these forums that one should follow, those are jewels.

Here are my methods/ tips I used to study:

1. I studied for 2 months with GoldUSMLE step 3 online prep, 8 weeks prep was suffice. They point out the key points and what to look for on the exam, they also go over the important ORDERS on CCS. . I think it is a tough exam but can be managed if approached methodically.
CCS seems to be the key. I scored very very high on that.
Lot of fundamental basic concept qs on Day 1. Understand that your step 1 and step 2 can matter on step 3 a lot more than before.

2. GoldUSMLE CCS is the main one and the real key to CCS, it has it all. Listen to all cases and strategies. It is clear about how you do variety of cases and what needs to be done on step 3 exam'sprimum software.

3. For multiple choice questions, I did UWorld and Goldusmle q-banks. Different concepts are tested in these two qbanks. So it really helped me to do both to gain exposure to more topics and styles. I personally did GoldUSMLE theory lectures and then did the Q-banks so could understand basic concepts better.
I also went through MTB, Kaplan ethics and Goldusmle rapid review theory lectures. Was able to get above average performance on most systems.

4. Mock exams: No mock exams are good predictors. UWSA is not predictive at all, so do not let that UWSA score discourage you. NBME helps better as those topics can come up on exam. I did NBME form and made notes on what were tested.

Good luck to you all. Stay cool and do not over think. Lot of questions are logical, common sense oriented rather than basing on deep concepts.

8/3/2020 5:48:32 AM
felt more confident on day 2, felt sure of the answers on day 1 helped boost my confidence on only 5 hours sleep.

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