Getting UWorld into timed limit

11/13/2023 6:21:38 AM
Hey guys,

Hope everyone is well- was really hoping for some advice. I've been at UWorld for around 8months now- first pass. I'm still greatly struggling getting my blocks in timed. For each qn, I am taking around 2minutes.

I have no idea if I am overthinking each question or something- I take around 1minute to read the stem. Then, sometimes, I get the diagnosis immediately or sometimes I have to read the stem a few minutes to try to arrange the order in my head (while I am trying to think of potential diagnosis in my head)- which is particularly for the management questions.

I also highlighlight all the important points as I read it- otherwise I realize that I make too many errors in misreading the questions.

I don't know how everything everyone can be done in 1.5minutes.

Honestly, any advice is greatly appreciated

Thanks guy!

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