FNP exam in 1 month

7/1/2022 4:18:56 PM
Has anyone used UWorld for test prep for the ANCC or AANP FNP exam? I am taking the ANCC in 1 month and signed up for 30 days on UWorld because a bunch of my colleagues used it for NCLEX (I did the Kaplan course for NCLEX).
I have been using the Kaplan FNP exam book to study and have been testing in the 75%-85% range but on UWorld so far I'm only getting 50's on most of the tests! Has anyone else used this successfully for FNP or knows anyone who has? My confidence is a little rattled going from Kaplan to here, and I'm hoping that UWorld questions are just more difficult and that I have a prayer of passing my exam. Any feedback is deeply appreciated!

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