Taking the CFA Beyond 2020?

5/26/2020 2:59:12 PM
How should I prepare differently when taking the CFA in 2021 and beyond​?
The question is whether you really need to prepare differently for the level 1 CFA exam you take in 2021?

Moreover, in 2021 candidates will be still tested on 2020 CFA® Program curriculum, which is good news to anybody who will need to retake their level 1 exam after the Dec 2020 attempt (the curriculum has been frozen for 2 years after the June 2020 exam postponement owing to the COVID-19 pandemic).

So, basically many things stay the same:

1. L1 curriculum stays the same with still over 3000 pages and 10 L1 topics. It will still take you around 300 hrs to prepare for your level 1 exam, so you will need a good study plan.
2. exam questions are still going to be multiple-choice (a-b-c) questions and it’s still 1.5 min per question in your exam.
topic weights will probably be the same (or similar).

But there are things to consider...due to the reduction in the number of exam questions, the exam will be shorter (4.5 hrs of testing time total). Secondly, computer-based testing will better reflect your study environment, which means you should practice as much as you can online, not with printed mocks and questions. Finally, some new types of questions may appear, which means you may expect for example some interactive charts or some excel data. All this to better reflect the day-to-day application of tested concepts to professional work and reality.For computer-based exam you should consider studying a prep format that is also digital and gives you practice in a real-world environment.

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