Help friends study together with two subscriptions

10/21/2018 12:27:11 PM
I have a long-distance study buddy who I would like to continue studying with on Uworld.

I had previously seen a feature here on Uworld where one person could "share" a Test ID with another person and then both people could answer the same set of questions using their own accounts.

So when we both went looking around the settings to start a test together we were pretty disappointed when neither of us found the option.

Is this option available any more? Did we just not find the right setting?

5/24/2022 9:18:25 PM
I found this answer on another website. I hope this helps.

"I think one of you just create a test, then suspend it, and then when its shown in the list of previous tests it shows the ID # for it, the rest use that [test ID] to create a test ... click on custom [find custom under create test] and there's a spot to put in test ID. just fyi I tried this but it only works if you all have the same unused questions or a new bank."

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