Making the most of your Qbank (Features)

2/5/2019 4:07:28 PM
You've answered questions and reviewed explanations, but the UWorld team has included some other features you might not have noticed yet. Here are a few:

Self-assessment tests
We currently have two timed question sets designed to exactly match the number, type, and difficulty of questions you'll see within a single test on exam-day. As each test includes a score prediction, we recommend taking one at the beginning of your prep and another midway through it, that way you can be confident in what you're improving and better focus on weak sections. (Note: These are available only with paid-subscriptions, one is included in the Basic subscription, and the second is added to the Standard and Elite.)

If you've noticed the "Flash Cards" option in our menu, you might have already experimented with these, but any time you run into a hard question or a particularly useful hyperlink, you can select some, or all, or the text on the page and "add to flash card" to review it later. Flash cards can be edited, categorized, searched, and quizzed within that section of the menu.

Finding particular questions
If you ever need to go back and look at an explanation, but can't find the question in your "Previous Tests," there are two more ways to get back to it. First, you can flag questions (with the flag shaped button in the upper-right of your screen) as you're testing; this allows you to build tests made up of only the questions you want to see again. Alternatively, the "Search" function in our menu will let you search the explanation of every question you've taken for key words (ex. you could search "comma" and pull up every Writing explanation that mentions commas).

Marking up passage, questions, and answer choices
Selecting any section of text in the question or passage gives you the option to highlight that text for reference. Also, by enabling the function (in the gear-shaped menu to the top right of your screen), you can gray-out any answer choice you want to eliminate while weighing your options.

Some passages are harder than others. To make sure you always know what you're reading, you can click on almost any difficult word in a Reading or Writing passage and receive a brief, contextual definition.

If you've managed to complete every question in the Qbank or just want to start fresh, every account allows for one reset at any time during the subscription. This resets everything in your account (ex. percentages, previous tests, highlights) other than Flash Cards and moves all questions back into "Unused." (Note: The reset is available only with paid-subscriptions.)

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