How to Improve speed

1/5/2022 8:13:23 PM

I have taken a couple of tests in Math and "time taken" by me is very high compared to Others.
How do I improve my timing?

2/4/2022 10:54:27 AM
First and foremost, I'd encourage you not to worry about the time it takes you compared to others. Since the exam doesn't reward you for finishing early, the only time you need to beat is the time limit of the section.

That said, you'll find that as you study our explanations and take more practice questions, your speed will naturally increase. I emphasize that the explanations are vital because they generally provide the most efficient solution to a given question; most math problems can be solved with a variety of methods, so getting a question right doesn't always guarantee that you know the best way to solve it.

For example, every question on the calculator section can technically be solved without a calculator, and unless you're especially quick with your calculator, many are solved faster without, so you might consider testing yourself on which of those questions you can solve by hand.

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