creating a test with used or incorrect answers

9/8/2021 6:55:06 PM
hey all! per the title, I'm trying to make a test with my used/incorrect answers. I see the option under "create test" where you check "unused/used/incorrect" etc, but every time I actually open the test+finish, save, and look at the little description, it always comes out to be "unused" questions. is this a glitch? not sure what I'm doing wrong. ty in advance!

12/27/2022 6:46:34 PM
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1/21/2023 6:49:19 AM
Perhaps these were temporary problems with the service. Once I also faced a similar problem, but after a while everything was restored. While taking the tests, I used different methods and realized that focus writing is necessary to pass the tests successfully. This article brings together tips and tricks for successful writing. I noticed that thanks to these recommendations, my results have become much better.

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