How do I use UWorld to improve my SAT math score?

7/19/2019 2:19:54 PM
Improving in math has two components: learning new concepts and cementing them in your brain with practice. We help with both. When you encounter a question you have no idea how to answer, study the explanation like you would a math lesson in class: read it thoroughly, jot down some notes (especially on the formulas or steps), add any new formulas/hyperlinks to a flashcard, and, if you have time, think about how the same steps could be applied with different numbers (maybe even run a quick example with those numbers). When you get a question wrong that you thought you were sure about, look at the explanation to verify which step your mistake occurred in and how it changed your answer (ex. Did you stop too early? Did you use a different operation or formula? Did you guess in the first place?). Then, try to run the same steps again (perhaps with different numbers) to retain the process in your mind. Finally, above all else, keep practicing questions, math is much easier to understand conceptually while reading an explanation than consistently in practice, so keep answering questions (making sure to include your previously "Incorrect" questions when you do) and carrying out the above steps and watch as you get closer and closer to perfect.

Have any tips you want to share? We want to hear your strategies.
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8/17/2019 7:36:59 AM
U world is having great question bank on mathematics section and they also explained it perfectly. Still, you are facing problem in solving mathematics questions, then you have to work on your basics. But if your basics are strong and unable to understand question then it is again a great issue.
What I request you is that please take help of my mathematics teacher who is an SAT trainer for math section make the student understand things greatly. You can contact him [email protected] am sure he will help you

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