The SAT Adversity Score

6/4/2019 1:52:31 PM
We've been hearing a lot about the new Environmental Context Dashboard (aka, the College Board's Adversity Score) here in the UWorld office. In fact, we just posted a blog article about it - and what experts on both sides of the controversy are saying.

We want to hear your feelings about the score - and how it might impact your admissions. Let us know what you think!

6/11/2019 2:40:58 PM
It seems to me like the only thing the Adversity Score does is tell the colleges you're applying to about the environment in your high school--how many single parents, whether a lot of students are from low income or higher income families, if people tend to go to college or go straight to work out of high school, and things like that. The effect of the score depends on how colleges use it or if they use it at all. Elite colleges like the Ivy Leagues want a good mix of students from different backgrounds, so the Adversity Score doesn't automatically take anyone out of the running. Sounds like the best bet is to work on getting the highest SAT score possible, then you're golden because even if you're privileged, you still had to work to get a high score.

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