PASSED STEP1 got score June 2022 thanks god

6/19/2022 8:20:24 PM
I am very thankful for passing the USMLE Step 1 exam I would like to thank all the study partners and friends i met on this forum. This was my second attempt and I thought about quitting after my first attempt. For my second attempt I studied 12 weeks for STEP 1 and I used FA, the Goldusmle review program and UW qbank go very well together. This was my second attempt and the Goldusmle 8 week review program w/ UW made the difference for me this time around. There was a time, months ago, on my first attempt when I thought that I knew enough to pass the USMLE Step 1. I went into my first exam after a 4 week program of self-directed learning, 14 hours a day of trying to memorize Kaplan high-yield videos, AMBOSS, and First Aid. This was not enough; I failed my first exam by a small margin. Thank God that somewhere in the midst of the depression and anxiety that accompanied my temporary hiatus from school (I had just started third year) somebody told me about the Goldusmle review program. I turned the seeming defeat from my first failure into an opportunity to re-learn and re-organize all of the information that had been piled on me during the first 2 years of med school. Instead of a mountain of memorization, I obtained a superior understanding of normal physiology that enabled me to meet and overcome the challenge of the USMLE step one. Within 2 weeks my NBME scores had shot up by 50 points, and this morning I received my passing score on the USMLE step 1. Goldusmle review program’s lessons will last a lifetime; I highly recommend this course for any student doctor, even those who think they might not need it will find that this course presents a unique chance to step back from your education and consider the integration of all the material that has been taught via specialists, PhDs, and subspecialists in that early whirlwind. Many thanks to course instructors at GoldUSMLE for a better foundation on which to build a lifetime of medical study and practice!

6/19/2022 8:20:55 PM
I took the exam 2 weeks after the course was over, went over my final notes before sitting for the exam.

6/19/2022 8:25:02 PM
congratulations thank you for being my study partner your hard work paid off

6/19/2022 8:27:37 PM
Congratulations and never give up in your life, always try

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