Uworld Use Advice-Test in 3 weeks!

5/28/2021 6:47:45 PM
For those that mainly used Uworld during their dedicated study periods, how did you use Uworld? Did you make flashcards on your missed questions? How many questions did you do a day or what was your typical routine? I find that it takes me about 4 hours to do 40 questions and review them. I usually make a Uworld flash card on each question during review. Missed usually include questions or clinical scenerios, basicaly more detailed, while correct questions are simply objective and picture/summary. Reading explanations takes me a while, regardless of making a flashcard. I have almost exactly 2k questions left and 3 weeks before my test date. Not sure if I need to pick up the pace or keep going steady at a slower rate. Any recommendations based on anyone's experience? My day typically includes 80-100 questions per day, 1 hour pathoma/sketchy, and finish with 2 hours to review flash cards.

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