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8/2/2022 11:11:27 PM
- Finished the UWorld question bank in 84th percentile, think was 62% correct?
- Did 2 self assessments, on both I got 69% correct with very high passing chance.

Took NCLEX today, it shut off in 75 questions. Only reason I am scared is because I probably had 35 SATA questions, especially by the end. I listened to Mark Klimeck and he did say that towards the end of the exam you should see questions and be like “…what is this” which was definitely happening with me. Just was shocked at the amount of SATA, I kept getting one and was like “no way is the next Q going to be SATA” and it was! I did the PVT twice and got the “good pop-up”.

Everyone says you feel horrible walking out, convinced you failed. I honestly didn’t. And it wasn’t like i was confident walking in there. felt sick to my stomach with nerves last few days. Then starting reading online, different forums, talking to peers and it started having me worried that I wasn’t worried! Started thinking more about the questions I had and the sheer amount of SATA. But, don’t let yourself fall victim to that. Is you felt good, you felt good! Will update once I received (hopefully good!) news.

UWorld was definitely worth it. Honestly had a few questions that were so similar to questions I had on the exam. Almost verbatim. Would say do Mark Klimek first, then Uworld.

8/7/2022 4:38:46 PM
So, its finally my turn to write a post!!! (I'm David, 29, 3 kids, BSN)

After 4 years of school, I thought I had what it took to pass. One month after graduation I took the NCLEX after only using Mark Klemek. NO STUDY QUESTIONS. I failed in 145. As it turns out, the NCLEX and nursing school are two different animals! I decided to add two new "tools" and try again: UWorld and nursing.com. Here's what I did

Nursing.com has a SIMCLEX test (simulation NCLEX). It looks and feels EXACTLY like the real thing! They also offer a 200% money-back-guarantee if you pass there test and don't pass the NCLEX. I purchased three tests and took one the day after failing the NCLEX. I FAILED.

I also purchased UWorld. They say that if you have 56% or above test average you have a 92% chance of passing the NCLEX. My thinking: If I master all 2100 questions in the wordbank, my chances ought to improve! I had 6 weeks to improve as I already had a job lined up. So, I started taking random questions always 75 at a time. After the test, I would then copy the questions and make a custom test with the EXACT SAME questions. My first scores averaged were in the 40s and 50s. I would always take the test in study mode and always read the rationales. When I took the same test again immediately after, I would score 90-100. I did this for 4 weeks. Take a test and study it, then take it again. After 4 weeks I had made it through the QBank twice (since I took every test twice) then took my 2nd SIMCLEX. Passed in 75. I still had two weeks left before my second NCLEX. I decided to go through the 2100 question bank again, taking each test once, then take my last SIMCLEX two days before the NCLEX. My scores averaged around 79% the third time through which was significant improvement from my average of 57% the first time through.

Six weeks was up. I had done 6700 questions. I had done 90+ tests. (I did take a few extra tests on areas that I felt week on: prioritization, psych, pharm, OB/Peds). I took my third SIMCLEX and passed in 75. I took a personal day the day before my NCLEX. Bought snacks, spent time with the family, rested well, slept in, had a good breakfast the day of the test (always schedule in the afternoon!) and went to take the NCLEX. I was optimistic.

I thought through every question, took my time (up to 5-6 mins on some questions knowing that you only have to answer 75 minimum in 5 hours), got 32 select all that applies by the time I reached 74. I twice got 6 SATA in a row and a third time got 7 SATA. It was intense! 75 was a SATA and I pushed submit. It shut off. I thought I might have done it. Ohio has a site where you can look up licenses so I put in my name and searched. If you failed, it will say "Closed". If the results are pending, it will say "In Progress" or something like that. If you passed, it will say "Active". The next day at 8am, I checked the site, it said "Active". I got an email later that day

I did it. Started school with a kid. Had the second the finals week of freshman year. Ran a marathon Sophomore year. Worked full time (40 hrs) the first two years. Had a third kid between finals and Christmas of Junior year. Took the back seat out of my minivan and put blankets and pillows in there to sleep a couple hours between an 8hr clinical and 8hr shift in the dead of winter (I recommend at least two blankets). Started a business my last semester of Senior year (Blue Solutions Pressure Washing Cincinnati). Survived Covid, several bouts with the Flu/cold. Payed my bills, Started homeschooling the oldest, and most importantly, prayed like my life depended on it...because it did. My faith in Christ, love of my wife, and the fact that my family disowned me were good motivators.

P.S. - This verse was one of many that kept me focused during the hard times, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and don't rely on your own understanding. In all your ways consult Him, and He will direct your path." Blessings to all!!!

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