ACED STEP 1 exam Alhamdullilah

12/29/2021 11:47:21 PM
I would like to thank all of my friends I met on this forum for all the help and support. I studied for 12 weeks for step 1 and I passed with a 260 score. I used FA, UW and GoldUSMLE classes. I strongly recommend the Goldusmlereview classes for step I. They were very helpful and saved me a lot of time in my preparation for the exam. My medical school gave me a deadline to finish the step I and I was able to finish it in time and score higher than my nbme score. The integrated feedback was the key for me as they go over the high yield question sets and integrate the material very well for a quick fix on weak areas. I strongly recommend them as they helped me improve in Microbiology, pathology physiology and pharmacology especially made a big difference on my score report.
I took the 8 weeks course with Goldusmle and did UW once. I was able to finish each block with more than 5 mins left for each block.

12/29/2021 11:48:00 PM
focus on finishing UW and memorizing the goldusmle notes and PDF and you will be fine

12/29/2021 11:49:45 PM
Congratulations on passing it was an honor and pleasure to be your study partner you helped me a lot and stayed up late with me thanks to you and god bless you for your time.

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