ISSUE with Step 3 subscription

8/7/2021 3:35:09 AM
bought subscription through ipad app of uworld for 599$ for 180 days which I didn't realize that is 150 $ more than website price for same subscription. I am frustrated with uworld for not alerting consumers that it is better to purchase subscription through their website instead of their developed app that they advertise.

the main problem is not the money difference, it is that it seems I can't find the CCS cases anywhere in the subscription.

anyone had similar problem or experience with this issue, Please advise me what to do,
thank you

8/24/2021 1:27:30 PM
contact customer support they should help they are very nice

11/11/2021 4:34:26 PM
call customer care

1/8/2022 4:44:01 AM
call their customer service

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