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Our Step 2 CS course provides candidates with a complete, guided tour of this practical examination. We have tried our best to include detailed history taking, physical examination skills, and as many practice cases as possible. First hand information about the exam that no one else provides is for you to experience. Also, included in this course is a complete list of important differential diagnoses in the approach of each clinical case.

So far the most popular book to prepare for the USMLE Step 2 CS (formerly CSA) is the OSCE/CSA book. Ironically, the OSCE/CSA book was originally designed for the OSCE exam (for American medical graduates) and not for the USMLE Step 2 CS. An OSCE/CSA case concentrates on one disease and bases its questions to that disease only, but this pattern does not fit the USMLE Step 2 CS exam. In the USMLE Step 2 CS, you are required to come up with a differential diagnosis and are expected to ask all of the questions in a broader sense. Not realizing this can jeopardize your overall performance, our recent survey, which included feedback from 200 USMLE Step 2 CS exam takers, revealed the same opinion.

Most of the other resources available for the Step 2 CS do not cover all the classic Step 2 CS cases, such as shoulder pain, knee pain (except trauma), knee pain in a sexually active female, bilateral leg pain, diabetes drug refill, HIV diarrhea, spells (unconsciousness), impotence, obesity, vomiting in an young female, low back pain, confusion, dizziness, insomnia, pre-employment checkup, bronchial asthma drug refill, chest pain in sickle cell anemia patient, headache, smoking cessation counseling, counseling issues in terminal cancer patient (more than 18 cases), etc. We think these are extremely common problems in the U.S. and have a good chance of appearing on the Step 2 CS exam. So, if you depend solely on that book, you may miss some cases.

Apart from giving a comprehensive and consummate review of the exam itself, this course also provides detailed information about how to respond to patient's challenging questions. That is why we recommend UWorld over other resources available for this exam.

Key to Success

Just reading the cases will not be beneficial. We encourage and strongly advise you to not just read the cases but to try to practice them as well. That is why we have included SP's notes for each practice case so that you can take print outs of SP's notes and practice with your study partner.

Regarding coaching centers, if you can take any form of coaching for the USMLE Step 2 CS that is good, but they are very expensive for medical graduates and you have to travel far distances, which is not feasible for everyone. If you practice cases at home in a systematic fashion, you will not need any form of coaching.

One more useful thing is to record your voice in a timed encounter and listen to it. Self critiquing your encounter will improve your skills. We are sure you will notice the difference.


After clearly understanding the problems, we have tried different modalities to get the best product in an affordable way for all medical graduates. Finally, all the members agree that this is the best means of practice to pass the challenging Step 2 CS exam. Based on the extraordinary feedback from our members, we can confidently assure you that this website will provide the best guidance you need to succeed.

Although we have attempted to make this course as complete as possible, your motivation and the time spent in preparing for the Step 2 CS plays a significant role in determining your score on the actual exam.

Subscription Highlights

  • A complete guided tour of this practical examination
  • 70+ excellent clinical cases
  • nine patient notes for the practice cases*
  • Firsthand information about the exam that none of our competitors will provide
  • Detailed history taking and physical examination techniques with video
  • Medical terminology (abbreviations)
  • A complete list of important differential diagnosis given towards each clinical encounter
  • Ability to enter simulated patient encounter notes for practice cases
  • Key investigations to apply towards every patient and tips on how to close the encounter
  • Patient counseling issues
  • Detailed information about "how to respond to patient's challenging questions"
  • Tips for your exam date with FAQ
  • Much more
Patient Notes Only practice cases # 1 to 9 have patient notes available. Only certain cases are available for printing. Printing of rest of the material is prohibited.

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Our low subscription makes preparation for the STEP 2 CS more affordable and offers a dual advantage over other courses, which are not only expensive but not as complete as our course.

  • Affordable, low monthly subscription rates
  • Each test package has a duration that is created to suit your preference
  • Unlimited amount of subscription extensions/ renewal

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