ANNOUNCEMENT  |  Jan 9, 2020

UWorld Releases a Guide of Basic Study Tips that Every Student Should Know


UWorld has announced the release of their most recent infographic: Basic Study Tips Everyone Should Know. The infographic provides readers with some simple study tips to help them prepare for tests.

With this infographic, UWorld gives practical tips on how to study effectively. These tips include finding a quiet place to study, taking breaks, and forming a study group. The infographic also provides helpful tips for staying organized while in school which include keeping a calendar with due dates, finishing projects ahead of deadlines, and how to a classmate to share notes with you if you miss a day.

“At UWorld, we have mastered the art of teaching and preparing students to overcome the ever-changing challenges of exams. We ensure that every course is comprehensive, evidence-based, and offers a single-point resource,” said Vice President of Marketing, JB Hinrichs. He continues by saying “As our company grows, we remain committed to developing preparatory products of the highest standards from only the most passionate and gifted educators."

For more tips on how to study, check out the infographic here.

About UWorld:

In 2000, while preparing for our own exams, we realized that there was a significant gap between what was taught and what was tested. We founded UWorld with the hope of creating quality preparation products to fill that gap. We work with educators to help students achieve high exam scores with proven methods of preparation that improve retention rates and aid in critical thinking.

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