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Why Should I Subscribe?

Preparing for the USMLE Step 3 is time consuming and often times frustrating. This is more difficult for candidates lacking in U.S clinical experience. Even if you are in a specific residency, you might not actually know the correct management of other specialty cases. For example, an orthopedic resident may not have a good understanding of how to manage a case of preeclampsia in pregnant women, or viral croup in children, or a diabetic ketoacidosis in medicine. However, ECFMG/USMLE expects you to be knowledgeable about all such cases. UWorld has compiled, in one course, all the important management/clinical questions and cases that can be tested in this exam. The free text entry in CCS used to be of great concern to candidates.

UWorld has tried to simulate the commands and tests that are present in the CCS software used by ECFMG. Entering commands on the exam is extremely important. We have compiled the single best resource for preparing for MCQS and CCS cases. All of the other available books are family practice oriented rather than CCS oriented. Remember, while taking the MCQs, people are very calm because all that is required is to RECOGNIZE the right answer among several wrong options. But for the USMLE Step 3 CCS, it is totally different. You need to recall all of the right options and use commands compatible with the CCS software.

Truly Interactive

UWorld is excited to offer its clients the first simulated version of the official USMLE Step 3 Primum CCS. Having taken the USMLE Step 3 exam ourselves, our goal with the UWorld CCS software is to create a series of simulated case scenarios, which will aid in your preparation for the official USMLE Step 3 Primum CCS. Our interactive CCS matches the official USMLE Step3 Primum CCS software design to the tiniest detail possible. We hope that you will enjoy this software, and that it will improve your level of preparation and confidence for the official USMLE Step 3 exam.

Key to Success

Practice is the key! Study from the most complete source written that is INTENDED to help you prepare for Step 3. KNOW what's important to ace the exam!

While we have strived to create a software package that accurately reflects the official USMLE Step 3 Primum CCS, it is important to understand that we have no affiliation with the official USMLE Step 3 exam. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the UWorld case scenarios and software will respond to the actions of test takers in an identical manner to the official USMLE Step 3 Primum CCS exam.

Subscription Highlights

  • 51 Interactive Step CCS cases (The only true online interactive CCS software)
  • 41 Case management read out material
  • Continuous updates to cases to comply with the exact Clinical Case Simulation (CCS) software keywords
  • Detailed Explanations for Case management, Scoring and Clock Management for interactive cases
  • Continuous updates to cases as needed based on the feedback
  • Key to Success and tips for the exam
Patient Notes Software simulation is available for 51 cases only. The rest of the cases, which do not have software simulation, are solved text cases to learn about case management. Only certain cases are available for printing. Printing of rest of the material is prohibited.

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STEP3 30-days Renewal (CCS only)
STEP3 60-days Renewal (CCS only)
STEP3 90-days Renewal (CCS only)
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