UWorld vs. NBME
Zee1 (Posts 1)
10/9/2011 3:46:07 AM
I find the NBME question to be much tougher than UWorld. I am not saying UWorld is not hard but that NBME is much more complex.
Would anyone else agree?
If yes, does anyone know porque?

Also, is the difficulty level of Step 1 harder than NBME, same or easier?

marfans (Posts 1)
10/9/2011 7:52:17 AM
yes its harder,it's even closer to what the exam is like

ehuq (Posts 1)
10/10/2011 2:43:24 AM
honestly I thought the other way around I dont know why lol... I thought UWorld assessment was tough! But I felt the nbme's were easier!

But the real exam is a total mixture of uworld nbme's and something out of this world lol....

ImKh44697133 (Posts 1)
10/17/2011 6:51:52 PM
I feel like UWorld gives you more information to help you answer the question whereas NBME doesn't. I personally prefer UWorld over NBME, but NBME is the gold-standard... I still hate it, though. I hope NBME burns lol

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